Friday, April 14, 2006

Spring Break

This week was Spring Break for my husband's school so we took the week off from some of our usual activities. I've been working on stripping, sanding and painting doors as we have a house that is still in need of much work.

Wyomissing Creek

On Wednesday we went to the Reading Public Museum. It was a beautiful day and as the museum is situated in a park right next to a creek, we spent a good part of our time by the creek, enjoying flowers, rocks and water. I think the kids would have been happy there for the rest of the afternoon, but when reminded that the exhibit at the museum was about robots (!), they tore themselves away. (Okay, the boys tore themselves away, the girls were not as intriqued by the idea of robots.)

Robotix PlayIt was a nice little exhibit put together by Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. Sometimes those little traveling exhibits are so small they really are little more than a big textbook. This one was mostly interactive stations to show you what robots can do and also how hard it is to be a robot. Can you tie a shoe with 2 pliers instead of fingers? The boys spent almost the whole time buildling their own robots at two different tables that had motors and wires and plastic building parts.

We did take a few diversions. One was into the rooms with the Asian and Egyptian collections. We saw many things that had connections to other activities from the previous year like Japanese kimonos, Chinese snuff bottles, and cuniform tablets. The other diversion was to the third floor to see some of the Keith Haring Exhibit. We don't see a lot of modern art so this was interesting and different for the kids. The musuem did post a sign before the room with potential inappropriate images for children, which was helpful.

One more thing, yesterday on the way to ballet class there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky and for a minute actually a double rainbow. This is the first time I've ever caught a rainbow with a camera.

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