Friday, March 24, 2006

Nest Cams - yes, more birds!

Well, I'm glad to hear that there are some other bird watchers reading my posts. Thanks for your comment, Sara. I'm wondering, is there a specific place the geese stop in the Washington area?

A long time friend and fellow bird enthusiast sent me this link to a peregrine falcon nest cam. It is located on the Rachel Carson building in Harrisburg, PA. Last year an egg was laid on March 25th, so as they usually follow a similar schedule, we should expect an egg or maybe two by Monday. We have been watching this morning and there was quite a bit of excitement in the nest, lots of clucking (the video has sound too!). We did see one of the birds bring the other some breakfast. It was probably the male bringing it to the female, but I haven't been watching long enough to be sure. Like the bald eagles, females are larger than the males. All is quiet now at 9:45am, in fact, I think the falcon has been taking a little nap.

There are cams on nests throughout the country, here are a few: - A link list of falcon cams around the world. Most of the cams are in NY, NJ, and OH.
- Bald Eagle cam in Shepherdstown, WV
- Comprehensive list of nest cams from all over the world arranged by species.

If you find a good one, post a comment and let everyone know!


  • At 8:09 PM, Blogger Sara Lewis said…

    Actually, the geese do usually come back to the same specific farm. The farmer gets compensated for the damage, I believe. This year there were too many to just stay there, and so there were flocks in other farms further south than they have been in recent years. They don't get south of Seattle anymore, but I've heard they used to go all the way down to Portland, Oregon.


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