Monday, March 27, 2006

What? You Don't Have A Kilt Shop in Your Town?

Arriving home from church yesterday my husband surprised me with flowers, a candy bar, a card and a book (Raptors of Eastern North America). The best part was that he was going to take the kids on a "bubventure" for a few hours so that I could relax. I read the chapter on Peregrine Falcons, ate my candy and took a nap. He and the children went to the library, the bike shop and the kilt shop.

Now, one may wonder, how does a kilt shop stay in business, are there lots of people in need of kilts out there? Apparently, the answer is yes! Pipe bands, wedding parties and even Madonna and her touring band need kilts. However, most of the drop-in business was people wanting to talk about their grandparents from Scotland or their trip to Scotland. So many people had been dropping in to talk that they decided to limit their hours to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My husband didn't go through his entire geneology, but he did chat them up a bit, and in the process the children learned a little more about Scotland, kilts and this enterprising young couple who decided to become kiltmakers. Kelly even gave the kids a souvenier - a kilt pin. So, if you are ever in need of a kilt, do stop buy your local shop or if your town doesn't have one, call Kelly and Rocky in Phoenixville, PA. It is on the same street as the cheese shop.

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