Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More on Keeping A Homeschool Log

I've recovered from my minor panic and have reconstructed enough that things don't feel quite so bad. The reading log is up to date and I've been keeping better track of things - for this week anyway.

Found this post from Jennifer of As Cozy as Spring with a link to Elizabeth who is using a blog format for recording a list of daily learning activities. Although, I don't think it is necessary to go into that much detail to satisfy PA homeschool law, I do think it has benefits for other reasons, as Jennifer puts it:
"....I realized how little I am keeping track of what we are doing. This leads to a lot of guilt because I consistently underestimate how much we have progressed."
She also mentions that it is an easy way to share with her husband what has happened during the day. For me it is not so much guilt that comes but confidence that wanes. When I have a few words written down it boosts my confidence; I recall all the wonderful things that they have learned and it keeps me motivated. It is really when kept up to date a good memory tool.



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