Monday, November 06, 2006

Chrysanthemum Festival

Longwood is a treasure. This was only my second time there and the first time with the kids. A kid friend and an adult friend joined us, which made it even more delightful. I think we haven't gone much before because it is rather pricey for the adult admission. Well, not pricey, considering the beauty of everything, but I can't be spending $14 every other week on one admission. Kids are only $2 however, making their admission a real bargin. I must remember to go down on a Tuesday when admission is $10.

So, the Chrysanthemum Festival is going on until November 19th. And although many of the leaves have fallen from the trees, you can still walk down to the small lakes and take an artsy shot under the gazebo.

After you are done there, head over to the restaurant basement for kids activities including some asian dress up clothes, koi "fishing" and crafts. On Saturday they also had someone doing calligraphy for you. She and her husband would find Chinese Characters that made the right sounds for the syllables in your name and write them for you. Then head into the conservatory to see all the flowers. There is also a display of ikebana arrangements and bonzai. They had an info area where a man gave us a kid-sized explanation of bonzai. So, guess what I will be googling this week? They all want to do bonzai. But who can blame them - I want this in my house too!

If you miss the performance of the acrobats because you got caught up in bonsai, head back into conservatory (the warm part) and visit the orchid room where you will find this mobile made with 2000 origami cranes!

On the way out go through the roses room where you'll find many different hand-crafted lanterns and of course take one more look in the main room where you will find mums of many sizes, shapes and colors.

Can you tell I am enjoying my new camera?
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  • At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Katie Gillet said…

    One, you make me homesick, not having been to Longwood but once in the last year and living in TX now.
    Two, wonderful photos!!!
    Three, given you probably live close enough, get frequent visitor passes for Longwood Gardens. It doesn't take too long for it to pay for itself, even for the children. Then you have the option to just up and decide to go and spend some time there whenever you please. We did that for years when I was little and my aunt's family (who live in Mendenhall) have passes they use constantly. I strongly recommend that!

  • At 6:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We so wanted to go to Longwood Gardens last Saturday but budgetary pressures transformed the outing to our local park instead. And now it looks as if we may not get there at all until the festival is over. Blah. So much fun to have in such a time-limited life!


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