Sunday, July 09, 2006

Water Battle Parade

The Fourth of July was almost a week ago, but I'm still have to tell about this. A certain small town in PA celebrates the Fourth by making floats, decorating bicycles, tractors and parading them through town. Sounds similar to other hometown Fourth of July celebrations you've been to I am sure. Here's the difference. Everyone is armed! Yes, armed - with water artillery. And, artillery is the right word to use because there were water balloons, water guns, water cannons, even a water machine gun mounted on the back of old army vehicle. Old women brought umbrellas, veterans (of this parade) brought extra water for reloading. It is the persons in the parade against the persons on the side of the road. (I would call them spectators, but in this parade hardly anyone is just spectating.)

Here's the before picture - how nice and dry they are:

And the mid-parade picture, wet:


Unfortunately the whole thing ended early because a thunderstorm kicked up. So we don't have an official record of how wet we would have gotten had the parade continued.

This picture gives you a sense of the atmosphere during the parade:

So, what did we learn about American History? Was this a patriotic way to spend the Fourth? Nothing and not necessarily, but we had great fun with friends and made some memories....and there was a lesson learned - bring more artillery!!

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  • At 6:14 AM, Blogger ~DanaB~ said…

    How FUN!! I wish our nearby town's big parade would do something like that with the water--it would certainly keep folks cooler in August!! What a GRAND idea and wonderful FUN!!



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