Monday, June 12, 2006

Books for Boys

He's reading. The boy is really reading. I am not exactly sure how it happened. How he went from hardly reading to reading books at a 3rd-5th grade level. It was just like that for my daughter as well. Within a very short time, like a few weeks, each of them decided they wanted to read and their brains put together all the things they had been learning over the last several years. It is a little later than the a school would like. If they had been in school they would have been labeled and put in some remedial reading class. But eight (for my daughter (3 years ago)) and eight and a half (for my son) is really not all that late; they haven't missed much. I think they didn't really like most of the books that are teaching you to read, the stories just weren't enough to hold interest.

The Narnia books were the ones that really sparked my daughter's reading. Julius has taken to books by Jim Kjelgaard. The first in his series of dog stories is Big Red, but he started with Outlaw Red. Mr. Kjelgaard grew up in the woods of Potter County, PA and draws on those scenes and the people he knew as a child for characters in his books. Julius thinks the book is "really exciting" and has plans for reading the rest of the books. The reading level is about 5th grade, so he is moving slowly, but he's reading and I couldn't be happier. Two down, one to go!

Click here if you want to see all the
Jim Kjelgaard books. I enjoy reading the reviews, especially ones by kids.

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