Monday, May 22, 2006

Myers-Briggs for Moms

My neighbor is really into Myers-Briggs, she uses it in her job to help people understand themselves and each other. So, when I saw this quiz, I already knew I was an ENTP (according to my neighbor) but this is what is says a mother with this personality type is like:

Your type is: entp —The “Independence” Mother

“When I held my babies, I always faced them outward so they could take in the world.”

  • Full of energy and confident in her own self-sufficiency and competence, the ENTP mother encourages her children—as a role model and as a teacher—to be independent and confident on their own in the world.
  • A “big picture” person, she points out options and possibilities along the way. Objective and logical as well, the ENTP wants her children to evaluate their choices and learn from the consequences of their own decisions.
  • The ENTP mother is resourceful and action-oriented. She likes going places and doing things with her children, exploring all that life has to offer. She is less concerned with rules, routines, and schedules. Introducing her children to new concepts and activities, challenging them, and stimulating their intellectual development are top priorities.

I had my husband read it, and confirmed it fit me like a glove, although there are aspects of other types that describe me. (No one will fit neatly into one type.) I wanted to share this for a couple of reasons. First, it is good to know your strengths. Take the quiz and find out yours! Second, sometimes we wish we were more orderly or more adventurous or more sensitive: it helps to see that people are built with these tendencies. We can appreciate how different we are from each other while we seek to grow in an area. If you read this blog and think "I could never homeschool like that, going all those places..." Be assured that I read other blogs and know other moms and think "Wow, I wish I could have my house orderly like hers" (as I sit here with laundry on the dining room table) or "She's so good at encouraging her children." I strive to grow in those areas, but I know they won't come as easily to me as they do to some others.

If you take the test, leave a comment and tell us, did it have you pegged?

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  • At 12:04 AM, Blogger CJ said…

    Hi Kathy,

    I'm an ENTP female and I'm pondering whether or not I should have children. I feel that parenthood is a extremely important role, which has the potential to affect another human being in a profound way, for an extended period of time. It is something that I don't take lightly. However, to my disappointment, I have found that my opinion that motherhood robs one of her own self-development and limits her future opportunities, to be rather unpopular with my colleagues. (I'm an elementary school teacher, so I realize, perhaps more than some, the HUGE emotional investment children require to grow up thriving, and not just merely surviving).

    I was just wondering what your thoughts on this was?


  • At 7:32 AM, Blogger Kathy said…

    Hi CJ-

    What a thoughtful question.

    All our choices in life limit us in one way or another. Choosing to pursue one self-development opportunity limits the ways in which we can pursue others. However the benefits and rewards of that choice are well worth the limits it imposes. In my experience, motherhood is one of the most creative challenges one could ever face. Motherhood has developed me in ways I could have never foreseen in terms of character and also creativity.

    I've found that I have had to limit my inexhaustible ideas and curiosities in order to give to my children what they need. But, I've also found great satisfaction and reward in creatively meeting their needs and mine at the same time. (All of these homeschooling explorations are wonderful for me and them.) Part of my satisfaction stems from the knowledge that my impact on them will last through generations and really, I believe, has eternal significance.

    At this point in my life, I can't imagine a professional life that would have been as rewarding and full of joy. Not to diminish from the rewards and joys of that choice. However, on my last day, I don't think I'll regret giving up my ambitions and opportunities, but I would have regretted not having children.

    My husband often remarks how my creativity and curiosity are a boon the rest of the family. It brings them new experiences and opportunities that they would never had made for themselves.

    I hope that my rather long answer is helpful to you!

    All the Best!


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