Thursday, May 18, 2006

First Half of May

How can we be more than half-way through May? It has been a busy month. Here's a quick catch-up on what we've been doing.

DeSales University Senior Class kids show.100_1718.JPG This is excellent. We've gone for the last 3 years. Interesting, funny, original show. This year's show was Heroic Hercules where we were introduced to figures from Greek myths.100_1707.JPG The theater is small and has seating around 3 sides so every seat is a great one. After the show the cast interact with the kids and signs coloring sheets related to the story. Some stay in character, others ask "what was your favorite part" .

This past Friday we saw a Penn Presents show. The Children of Uganda introduced us to music and dance from their country. It was delightful and inspiring. We even learned some moves (although it would've been hilarious, no videos of me doing those are available). 100_1750.JPGAfter the show we went with friends to Fairmount Park and had lunch, climbed some rocks and toured the Fairmount Waterworks Interpretive Center. It is small and free. The intro video and interactive exhibits were engaging.
100_1754.JPGSince it was a beautiful day and the Dad Vail regatta was on we walked (a couple of miles, I think) up to the finish line and back. All the people, boats, college insignia, were facinating to the children. I coxed in college, but haven't been back since. So, this was a great opportunity to share about those days with the kids.

One last thing. Most of this week was spent finishing, altering or making pieces of the outfits in the picture.100_1763.JPG The littlest outfit is borrowed and all the kilts are borrowed. Shoes for two of them are borrowed. (Scots are very generous!) I also finished the vest and shirt for this (bottom right) costume. 100_1772.JPG(Skirt was finished earlier.) All in preparation for the competition on Saturday. Now if I can only get them up and ready by 6:30 am on Saturday. If anyone lives local, the Scottish Festival is at the Fairhill Natural Resources Area in MD - very near Newark DE. Details here.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are, whatever you are doing!


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