Monday, May 22, 2006

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my father turns 83! He was born in the Roaring 20's, lived through the Great Depression, went to the 1939 World's Fair, fought in World War II, and remembers when the Dodgers left Brooklyn. He knew life before television, and computers and men on the moon. He knows all those great old songs and no new ones. He's lived at the center of the world (NYC) and in Amish country. He was part of the "greatest generation", went through college on the G.I. bill and worked for 35 years for the same company. He's raised sheep and steer and has become a land conservationist. He provided a wonderful context for his family financially, emotionally and spiritually. He is the most generous person I know. He is the wisest person I know. He is, next to my husband, my biggest fan. And, "His generousity is only exceeded by his good looks and charming personality."
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