Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August? Already?!

I can't believe we are a third of the way through August already! We haven't been doing a lot of trips lately. The kids didn't want to go the Mann to see the African Dance and Drum Ensemble on Monday. We've seen it before and I'm not going to spend a couple of hours in the car if they aren't interested! July was spent in North Carolina for 5 days, the beach for 3 days and going to local library events, friends' pools and reading. Well they read, I worked on the house. They all have made a lot of progress in the water. Two are swimming and really rather well. If you had seen them last year you would understand why I am so excited about this. It is really hard to enjoy a pool when you have three kids who at any moment could get themselves in trouble in the water!

They've learned quite a bit about food preservation this summer as we have frozen various fruits and vegetables and canned jams, tomato sauce, and tomatilla salsa so far. I am so happy with the CSA! All but Sadie are really eating up all those veggies and I am enjoying the challenge of finding more ways to use eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes.

If you are interested in canning, check out Marsha's blog for some inspiration. There really are quite a bit of home education topics for all ages in the canning learning web (without mentioning home economics). Science (all those micro-organisms, plant diseases, pressure, temperature, vacuum..), health (botulism, mold, nutritive loss...), technology (older methods of preserving food, large canneries...), ecology (local food, reusable containers), history/culture (food preservation in other cultures, in history, victory gardens, traditional women's roles..) No, we didn't cover all those and we don't necessarily go into much depth; but by touching on a topic in context I find they are able to recall it later when they want to learn more.
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