Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ahh! Peach Tea!

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On a practical note, how do you find bathrooms, drinks and food at the farm show?

Well, the drinks and food are easy to come by but can be very expensive. Since we are cheap folks, who refuse to pay $3 for a bottle of water, we have learned to tough it out until we find water fountains or beverages within budget!

Okay, we haven't really learned to tough it out; it became obvious on Saturday. We were all thirsty, very thirsty, so thristy that we began to care more about our thirst than each other. We knew where there was cider by the gallon but it was at the other end of the complex and we needed drinks now! After an arguement about who should have brought water bottles if they wanted access to water wherever they were, and who should have stopped looking at sheep hair so we could go get the cider, we called a truce and started toward the cider.

We went back into the main exhibit hall and took a few steps to the left. Well, what do you know, this year they have a mini-food court in the exhibition hall. And look at that, Turkey Hill Peach Tea for $1!! Sadly, we were still too mad to laugh at our anger. But after half a bottle of tea we found ourselves to be ridiculous and had a good laugh! God allowed the lack of tea to show us what was inside, and then proved his goodness by providing what we needed both practically and spiritually.

Farm Show tips of the day: bring your own water, bathrooms are in the center of the main exhibition hall and near the
maple display in the food court, go while there. (There are others, but use these while you are there.)


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