Sunday, January 08, 2006

Do you know where your tractor is?

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It's at the Farm Show of course! We went to the 90th Anniversary of the PA Farm Show on Saturday. I'll be blogging about things we saw until we get around to do ing something else interesting. If you want a sneak peak go right to my flickr by clicking on the picture.

Although it was later in the day, we did make the requisite detour to the tractor area. Even my 10 year old girl still gets excited about sitting on a big green, blue or red tractor. (Why no other colors?) What educational value can there be in that? Well, the actual sitting on the tractor part, not much. Unless they notice the pedals and gear shifts and gauges. They might also ask what this huge machine is used for. Or maybe if they are five they see a familiar shape, namely an "E" that is part of their name!


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