Friday, January 06, 2006

Free 2006 Astronomy Guidebook

Always on the lookout for great free resources, I think this one is worth the bandwidth to download (although I'd like to see them offer it in paper form from lulu).

I'm waiting for word from homeschoolblogger friend Jay from Cleveland to give his opinion. (He's a bonofide astro expert.)

In the meantime, you can browse this pdf book with information about an object in the sky and usually a little astronomical history thrown in for every day of the year. I like the format and the bit I've read is interesting and engaging. But you'll need definitely need access to a telescope for most of the objects.

It is written by Tammy Plotner and found at the Universe Today website. The direct link to the free book is here. I found out about it on a listserve from Bob Riddle, who has his own informative website of what is going on in the sky, Current Sky.


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