Monday, January 02, 2006

Eighth Day of Christmas

On the Eighth Day of Christmas the Fieldlearning Blog gave to me eight (or thereabout) websites about classical music.

Cincinnati Classical Public Radio has a wonderful radio show for children about composers and classical music. You can listen to the show on-line (anytime- they are only about 10 minutes long) and there are downloadable lesson plans. Want to know what a dulcimer sounds like (or any other instrument?) try this page on their site.

Read a story about Mozart on-line.

The Los Angeles Chamber Music Society has a nice little area with on-line activities.

Try the New York Philharmonic's Kid Zone where you can learn about composers, instruments or compose your own minuet and send it to a friend! (How cool is that?)

Read a short little piece about a homeschooled pianist who entered college at 16 and listen to him play some pieces.

From the Top (the site that had the piece about the pianist) is a great show featuring young musicians. The host interviews them as well, which shows that despite their exceptional musical gift they are regular kids.

I've mentioned this in a past post, but Naxos Radio would be a great way to get all the classical music you want for only 9.95 per year via the internet. If you want to pick exactly what you want to listen to you should go to their home website and subscribe to listen to their library of music (7000 recordings) for $19.95 or listen for free (but only to 25% of a track). (I don't receive anything for plugging this, I just think it is a nice option.)


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