Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dutch Blitz

I warned you there would be more about the PA German culture, didn't I? Well, this game was apparently invented by a German Immigrant from PA Dutch country. As advertised, Dutch Blitz is "A vonderful gut game".

The neat thing about the game is that everyone plays at once, together, but alone. Hard to explain without going through all the rules. Basically there are various piles (some just for you and some that everyone is playing on) and the cards have many rules as to how they move between them . The object is too play all the cards in your Blitz pile. Upon accomplishing this you yell "Blitz".  If you make a mistake while playing, you yell "Dutch" and stop play in order to correct the mistake.

My 10 year old daughter was interested in it because of the PA Dutch connection.  I remembered enough about the game to know that it would be a good game to work on some logic, strategy and especially speed. We had a friend of hers visiting this weekend and although both girls picked it up without a problem, my daughter's lack of speed and perserverance in concentration were her downfall.  But actually the game is just easy enough to understand that you want to keep playing even if you lose. It is sort of addictive even, the three of us played for at least an hour this afternoon.  She is sticking with it and getting faster at figuring out how to move her cards.

I am hoping these kinds of activities will translate over into math. Even if they don't, it is a fun family game that almost everyone can play. It is on sale this week at Board Games Express. (I am not affiliated with them, just thought if anyone was interested they might like to know where to buy it.)

Any other great games we should know about? What are your favorites?


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