Sunday, August 21, 2005

In yesterday's post I forgot to include this great quote from Bill Kuhn's page on why do model aeronautics.

"An excerpt from the 124-page report of the National Science Board Commission on Pre-college Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Informal Education

A great deal of education takes place outside the classroom. The most fortunate students receive experiences in museums, clubs, and independent activities. All children are strongly conditioned and motivated by their early experiences and impressions. The child who has regularly visited zoos, plantaria, and science museums, hiked along nature trails, and built model airplanes and telescopes is infinitely better prepared for, and more receptive to, the mathematics and science of the classroom." (emphasis mine)

That pretty much sums up the whole idea behind "Field Learning". I didn't generate a 124 page report or spend thousands of dollars in research, but maybe it is a good thing they did, now I have official evidence, a scholarly opinion. Seems like common sense, don't you think?


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