Sunday, July 17, 2005

Where's Alice?

As you may have noticed, I don't take the daily part of blogging seriously. I could have filled in the last ten days with my favorite recipes for blueberry/cherry jam and raspberry chocolate brownies. They are good... well, maybe another time.

Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and various other creatures (including me) were at our local community theater this week for the children's show. During the second act, Wonderland was gone but we all laughed at the Emperor who had no clothes. I've written about my daughter's experience with an adult community theater production last fall, she enjoyed it so much that we were looking for another (inexpensive) experience with theater. Who would have guessed it was just around the corner, literally.

The director chose 2 one-act shows and everyone, no matter what their experience got at least a small speaking part. She did a great job of keeping it low-key (in terms of costumes and sets) while demanding enough from the kids to make for a great performance. I watched Erin grow over the last six weeks. She grew more confident in front of a crowd. She learned how to project her voice and be BIG. Her roles were small, but she learned to appreciate the importance of each person on stage contributing their part. She learned how to take direction and how a director puts all the pieces of a show together. She also had the opportunity to enjoy others talents. I was most pleased to see her able to do that (now, to apply that with the siblings. ;) )


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