Saturday, June 04, 2005

Kool-Aid dyed wool

The pictures I promised yesterday. Fluffy kool-aid dyed wool; lemonade is the yellow, grape is the red/purple and for the blue, I used straight blue food dye. (If you are in my area, you can get it cheaper by the pint or quart at Shady Maple in Lancaster County.
(I did have the pictures working, but then, well something happened...)

Last night and today I had a chance to spin some yarn . I made some yarn a few weeks ago and was going to make a pair of socks.....well, there was only enough for one sock, so here are the singles waiting to be plyed for the second sock. I'll have Erin do the plying, it is good practice for learning how to spin, it is hard to mess up, and it goes fast. That last point especially appeals to her - results!
(Ditto here about the pics!)
There is a great Civil War reenactment event tomorrow (today too) at Pennypacker Mills in Montgomery county. I'm beat lately and not sure I'm up for the humidity and crowds. My son is very excited about the prospect though....we shall see.


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