Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Reciprocal Membership Deal

Being fond of learning by doing, observing, etc. We tend to do a lot of visiting of museums, gardens, zoos; you get the picture. Well, after tooling around a bit on the internet, I found a really great deal. Join the National Aviary in Pittsburgh and get into AZA affiliated zoos AND National Horticultural Society affiliated gardens and arboretums.  I haven't found any other membership that features reciprocal membership to two organizations! The family membership is $45. Check this webpage to see which of your local zoos and gardens you will get free or reduced admission to. If you live in a major metro area this may be a real boon. Of course, joining your local institution supports their programs and will get you reduced prices to classes and special programs, not just free admission. 

There are some caveats of course; member lists of these affiliations change and some affiliates may not honor a full family membership if it is large family. It is always best to call the place you plan to visit to learn of their policies.  I live in the Philly area so two visits to affiliates will save me more than the cost of membership and there are almost ten affiliates in my area to chose from.

Anyone else know of good reciprocal deals?



  • At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Leslie said…

    Every year, I join the Delaware Museum of Natural History . The family membership is $45. and includes reciprocity at over 200 ASTC affiliated museums Association of Science-Technology Centers).
    The only possible catch is that museums may refuse reciprocity to member museums within a 90 mile radius, however, I have used this membership to get into the Franklin Institute and The Academy of Natural Sciences for free, though they are only 30 miles away. The only one that has rejected it is the Hagley Museum in Wilmington, DE. ( www.hagley.org ).
    A call ahead to the museum of choice would eliminate any surprises.
    And FYI, I checked into memberships at about 10 other ASTC museums across the country - Delaware was the best deal I found. All the others were $50., $60., up to $125. to join!


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