Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Art Critics

Last Thursday we headed into the city for the day. The PA Ballet dress rehearsal had been shortened for the younger children to the (30 min) ballet, Serenade. Even for professional ballet I wouldn't drive that far for a half hour show, so we made a day of it and went to the Art Museum in the morning. I burned the audio tour for the arms and armor galleries onto a CD and we listened to that on the ride down. The boys enjoyed the weapons and armor, but I loved the shot I caught of the girls discussing the painting by Degas. Both are studying dance and they were discussing the positions of the dancers and other things about the painting for quite awhile. It was another evidence that learning is happening and maturing - rather than needing to be led into a discussion and investigation of the work, they have the tools to pursue it on their own!

I must also tell you that the ballet was about ballet, much of the choreography revolving around the things that go on in a ballet class. Degas of course capturing moments in ballet classes. I love it when it all seems to come together like that.

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