Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Get 'em before they are gone!

I've been reading Here in the Bonny Glen, the blog of Melissa Wiley, author of the Little House in the Highland books and homeschooling mom. This week she's posted about the fact that her own books are going to be reissued in an abridged form and the full-length books will probably go out of print. Because of this decision by the publisher she has decided to not write any more books in this series. There are several available at Book Closeouts for only $3.49 each.

I ordered mine this week. Then a few days later, she posted about the possibility that the Betsy-Tacy books may also go out of print. What a shame that would be! My daughter loved these books and most of them we checked out of the library. I guess if I want to be sure she has some to pass on to her daughter, I may have to buy them as well. The library copies were pretty worn softcovers, they won't be making it through many more seasons. Of course, we can write the publisher and try to keep them in print as well. The first one is also at Book Closeouts.

If you order from Book Closeouts using these links, I get a percentage of the sale to spend in their store (which is how I ordered the Highland books - thanks to whoever ordered in January!). I'd really appreciate it!



  • At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Okay, you convinced me. I went and ordered some, but through your links, so you should get some credit.


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