Tuesday, March 13, 2007

180,000 Snow Geese

The numbers are up to 180,000 snow geese at Middlecreek as of Monday:
This is apparently the largest number of snow geese ever observed at Middle Creek. Conversely, Canada goose and tundra swan numbers remain relatively low. There are reports of geese and swans already to the north of us, we don't know how long these birds might linger here.
~Jim Binder
Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area Manager

We have plans to go again, tomorrow, Wednesday, with some friends. My van will be full, but if anyone (Kim and Erin I'm specifically thinking of you, but anyone is welcome) would like to caravan out there, send me an email asap - we'll be leaving around 12 noon. It takes about an hour. Plans will change if it is pouring down raining or if the numbers drop dramatically.

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